Brand Refresh for App
Branding & Identity, Brand Guidelines
Solfegio is a fun and interactive music teaching app, one of the leaders in online education.

NO SHAME CREATIVE (NSC) team worked closely with Solfegio founders to develop its new branding. This involved analyzing competitors and identifying key issues within existing brand’s marketing and brand strategies, product design ideas, and visual elements.

The challenge:
With Solfegio changing from a business-to-business (B2B) to a business-to-consumer (B2C) model, the challenge was to create a complete rebranding plan. The new approach had to clearly show the shift in business focus to current and potential users while maintaining brand trust and recognition.

The solution: During the rebranding process, NSC team explored modern expression and emerged with a fresh look and updated brand elements introducing a vibrant and fresh colour palette. By incorporating emojis into brand’s communication, we added a trendy touch and created an excitement with juicy designs and bold typography styles.

The app now embodies creativity and appeals to the energetic spirit of Gen Z and Millennials. This transformation also includes a flexible logo and symbol, ensuring a consistent brand identity across various platforms, whether in print or digital media.


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